Childhood Amnesia

Most of my early childhood memories are gone and what remains is quite blurry. Childhood amnesia is what the experts call it. What I do remember are snippets of conversations, the complements I’ve received, the times I’ve been scolded and even some irrelevant feelings, sensations and flashes of images. While most of these memories come and go, there are a select few that stays with you. It almost feels as if you’re losing parts of yourself somewhere along the way and only your primitive self is retained.

When I was around 3 years, I remember my mother talking about forgetting her childhood memories. She went on about how I would forget my various pranks and practices. I then proudly declared that I would clearly not forget. More than 15 summers later, here I am with absolutely no idea what happened later that day or even how that conversation started.

Well, even my mother doesn’t remember this. An insignificant talk to her. Life is like this sometimes. Different to all of us and never under your control.